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We are thrilled to announce the merger between Future Media and TribeFire Studios.  This landmark move brings together six influential media brands under Namibia Future Media Holdings, making waves in the Namibian media landscape.

Bravura Namibia is proud to have played a key role in this success story. From the initial merger and capital raise that laid the foundation to our ongoing involvement at director level, co-spearheading the strategic and capital direction of the company, we’ve been part of this journey every step of the way.

Gary Stroebel, CEO of Future Media, expressed the strategic significance of the merger, stating, “The modern currency for media is TRUST. Combining these legacy brands allows to bring trusted digital solutions to an evolving Namibian economy.”  Stefan Hugo, joining Future Media as an Executive Director, added, “This merger positions the group to compete in a rapidly changing media sector, and to continue to invest in local content. We intend to make sure that our news, education and entertainment platforms reach wider audiences, wherever they may be, through increasingly diverse delivery platforms.”

Bravura will continue to assist Future Media with potential acquisitions, expansion and funding for digital innovation.