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Previously exploited for extensive farming, Namibia’s natural ecosystems and animal distribution underwent unnatural displacement throughout the past century in most parts of the country. This situation presented a unique opportunity to repurpose depleted areas resulting from extensive farming practices, primarily due to overgrazing — turning them into focal points for consolidation, rehabilitation, and the strategic reintroduction of mega fauna under efficient management. ERP Namibia, explores this conservation opportunity, pinpointing prime locations for elephant and rhino reintroduction. It works with Bravura Namibia to execute on transactions and manage their efforts in Namibia.

Identifying suitable grounds for mega fauna reintroduction not only facilitates ecological recovery but also lays the groundwork for comprehensive environmental rehabilitation. Bravura assists ERP Namibia to spearhead proof-of-concept initiatives that hold the promise of broader implementation across Namibia and Southern Africa.

The restitution of ecological systems is poised to unlock various economic opportunities, with tourism and sustainable agricultural practices harmonising seamlessly with conservation efforts. Currently, Bravura is assisting ERP in the relocation projects of elephants and rhinos, further emphasizing their commitment to holistic conservation strategies.

As we anticipate further project launches, the unfolding developments in this exciting space are sure to capture attention.