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The need for access to both reliable and stable energy supplies on our continent to enable economic development and drive industrial growth, led to the founding of Bravura Energy.

Bravura Energy’s purpose is to source viable alternative energy projects and arrange funding for these projects in conjunction with Bravura Capital and Bravura Solutions.

Bravura Energy is setting up various alternative energy funding solutions for clients requiring a sustainable energy solution.

Bravura Energy will advise on suitable technology for use by our clients, as our team is experienced and is able to assess and confirm that the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) is fit for purpose.

Bravura Energy focuses on the Commercial and Industrial sectors and operates mainly in South Africa, along with selected projects in Southern Africa.

Projects implemented via Bravura Energy’s energy funding solution generate a lucrative income return for investors by virtue of long-term power purchase agreements with electricity users. It also provides innovative funding for clients compared to traditional funding models. This is achieved by utilising, among others, s12B and the new section 12BA tax incentive announced by National Treasury. Bravura Energy is the appointed technical advisor to all projects funded via our Energy Funding Solution to ensure all physical assets are well maintained and operated to protect the interests of investors and electricity users.

What distinguishes our Energy Funding Solution from others?

  • Bravura Energy arranges financing for projects in conjunction with Bravura Capital and Bravura Solutions.
  • Bravura Energy facilitates the installation of reliable equipment to end-users that require immediate relief from unreliable energy supply or load shedding.
  • Bravura Energy mitigates any up-front capital outlay, with a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) over a predetermined period of up to 20 years, leaving the end-user to spend their capital resources on expanding their core business, leaving the energy supply to us.
  • Bravura Energy seeks to make our solution economically viable to end-users.
  • Bravura Energy targets existing commercial and industrial, small to medium sized enterprises including brownfield and greenfield projects, and includes grid tied, off grid or hybrid systems that will yield the most cost-effective solution.

For more information on our Energy Solutions, please contact:

Philip VenterJaco le Grange

For more information on a possible equity investment into our Energy Funding Solutions, please contact:

Rudelle EllmannDavid Calaca