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Bravura is an investment banking and advisory firm

Our innovative approach to transactions and wealth-enhancement has endured for more than two decades. In today’s challenging times, Bravura remains flexible and adaptive, resilient in the face of adversity, and strongly solutions-focused.

Sector-agnostic, Africa centric with deep global networks, Bravura works with listed corporations, private African and international companies and entrepreneurs to help execute their vision, optimise their value and deepen long-term sustainability.

Bravura has five main entities, namely


Bravura Holdings Limited shareholders include fully Black owned and controlled, African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd (ARC) with a 29.9% shareholding, South African business stalwart Christo Wiese through Titan Premier Investments (Pty) Ltd with a 12.8% shareholding, with remaining shares held by Bravura management and staff.


Over the past few years, Bravura has been recognised in both the Africa Global Funds Awards and the Gender Mainstreaming Awards. As an independent investment banking firm competing among multinationals and major banking firms, these acknowledgements signify Bravura’s ability to hold its own within a highly competitive and successful field.


Best Independent Advisory Firm, South Africa



Best Independent Advisor, South Africa



Best Independent Advisor, South Africa



Best Independent Advisor, South Africa


Soria Hay, Positive Role Model Gauteng Winner

Gender Mainstreaming Awards


Best Independent Advisory Firm in Africa


Bravura Culture

Delivering an exceptional service that leads to a successful outcome is predicated on an innovative outlook when seeking out and identifying the best solution for clients. Innovation is an integral component of Bravura’s DNA, where team members are encouraged to question existing paradigms and come up with value creating ideas where none are immediately apparent.

Bravura’s greatest asset is our people. Since inception Bravura has adopted a culture of learning and knowledge sharing. This leads to continuous growth, discovery and skills enhancement for those who entrust Bravura with their careers.